Company Profile

Reel Makina and Heat Treatment Inc. was established in 1987 in Izmir to give heat treatment and surface hardening services. It is a leading company in its sector thanks to its successful work for especially machinery manufacturers and automotive supply industry for over 20 years. 

With the addition of partners who have experience in Slewing Rings and Ball Bearing manufacturing in 2007, Reel Machinery started manufacturing Slewing Rings and ball bearings at international quality standards. Our company has made its investments in this field successfully completing many projects for over 15 years in the sector especially in defense and wind turbine industries with its valuable and experienced staff and operators. Our company has become a brand that is sought after with its Slewing Rings and ball bearings manufactured in compliance with European standards using high quality raw materials imported especially from Germany and Italy.

REEL provides the right solution in rotary systems to all sectors from mobile cranes to wind turbines, heavy construction equipment to defense industry and robots to industrial design continuously increasing its efforts to keep the REEL flag flying in all continents with continuous and documented customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

To provide high quality products by integrating our experience and knowledge with customer expectations to become the number one choice of our customers with our reliable products, after sale services and work ethics. 

Our Vision 

Creating a difference in the market with our products manufactured at international quality standards, being the sector leader with our strong and effective corporate identity. 

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